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Who should be fitted for golf clubs?

Who should be fitted for golf clubs?

When asked why they haven’t been fitted, many golfers echo misconceptions like:

  • I’m not good enough (you are)
  • It’s too expensive (it doesn’t have to be)
  • don’t know what it’ll do for my game (improve it) 

At Club Champion, we firmly believe that every passionate golfer should experience a true custom club fitting at least once in their playing career. High handicaps, scratch golfers, weekend warriors, youth golfers, seniors — fittings are for everyone. 

The misconceptions stem from the old way of doing things; there was a time when only Tour players experienced a real fitting. But that’s the whole point of Club Champion — to bring a Tour-level fitting experience and a Tour-quality build to every golfer. We play by the same rules so we should have the same services and equipment options, right? 

It would be easy to end the blog by saying, “if you like golf, a fitting is for you” but it’s more in-depth than that. If you’re a beginner, ill-fitted clubs will work against your unique swing, making improvement a slower process that trains bad behavior (your body makes compensations). If you love golf but aren’t an equipment junkie, you probably don’t know that length, swingweight, loft, lie, and even the freshness of your grip can measurably impact your game. If you’re an avid golfer, you probably already know the benefits of a fitting but may not realize that not all fittings are created equal. Whether it’s distance, accuracy, consistency, control, or just more enjoyment overall — there’s something for every golfer at a fitting. 

So why Club Champion? Our fittings have been called many things, including Tour-level, in-depth, data-driven, and more. Our fitters aren’t just fitters; they’re Master Fitters. Same goes for the Master craftsmen in our build shop. We don’t just use any technology; we use the gold standard of the PGA Tour: Trackman. We don’t just tell you the clubs will work; we show it in real-time in the bay and then back it with our Perfect Fit Guarantee. And we aren’t beholden to any brands; we’re brand agnostic across over 60 brands and more than 65,000 head and shaft combinations. If your fitter of choice can’t say all of the above, you might want to reconsider who you’re trusting with your game. 

All in all, a fitting is an important piece in the puzzle that is golf improvement. And finding a fitter who can care for your game in the unique ways it needs is key. To better understand what Club Champion offers for your game, click here.