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club champion

club champion

Who should get fit for golf clubs? Who should get fit for golf clubs?

Who should get fit for golf clubs? Who should get fit for golf clubs?

The who, what, when, where and why you should get fit for a custom set of clubs at Club Champion




But really — we at Club Champion pride ourselves on being the nation’s top club fitter and our goal since day one has been to make Tour-level golf equipment fittings available to everyone. If you’re able to wear the same clothes and play with the same equipment, you should have access to the same club customization that the pros have.

That’s where we come in. Our custom club fittings match equipment to your unique swing metrics. Whether you swing smooth like Rory McIlroy, hitch your swing like Jim Furyk or slap-shot it like Happy Gilmore, our job is to find clubs that fit with you so you can lower your scores.

A lot of casual golfers wonder, “Am I good enough to get fitted?”

The simple answer is yes. We fit every level of golfer from beginners to Tour professionals; all you need is a consistent swing motion (which is not the same thing as a perfect one) and we can collect data. 

All ages, all skill levels, doesn’t matter. In fact, we’ve found that the higher your handicap, the more measurable improvement can be seen in our fitting bays and out on the course.

Having the proper shaft flex, weight, profile and length coupled with the right swingweight, lie, loft and grip can all help you reach your golf goals. Each of these metrics are measured and are accounted for when you’re fitted by our Master Fitters.

Others may ask, “My kid is just beginning to play golf. Should they be fitted?”

We really do fit players of all ages. If your child is dedicated to the game and wants to begin playing with the best equipment, a fitting should be considered. Playing well with the right equipment at an early age can help inspire confidence in a young golfer, which will only make them want to play more. Just don’t Great Santini your kid.

Someone who asks a lot of questions might ask next, “What will a fitting do for me?”

It will simply help you play better golf. At the end of the day, someone that wants to improve their game should look to improve their equipment. A properly fitted club will benefit the individual far more than an off-the-rack set of clubs because it’s working with your body, not against it. 

The only question left to ask is, “When should I get fit?”


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