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club champion

club champion

I Am Snacking I Am Snacking

I Am Snacking I Am Snacking

Hungry for a new #FitsWithTheFounder? We’ve got you covered!

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Hungry for a new episode of Fits with the Founder? Nick and Cassie have you covered! This week, the gang goes over Will Zalatoris's wild victory at the FedEx St. Jude Championship, Tiger's LIV take, and whether or not snacks are a necessity for the golf course. PLUS: how our universal adapter affects club weight, Mario Kart, and MORE!

(00:00-05:39) FedEx St. Jude Championship recap: Will Zalatoris's win, a congratulations from Happy Gilmore, and a Cam Smith conspiracy

(05:40-08:49) Tiger's brutal honesty on LIV's longevity and a BMW Championship lookahead

(08:50-14:17) Maja Stark became the LPGA's seventh first-time winner this year and Seinfeld references in US Amateur pairings

(14:18-17:06) Club Champion updates: new store and new demos!

(17:07-28:33) Yea or nays featuring: snacking on the golf course, calzones, Mario Kart, and MORE!

Listener Questions

(28:34-32:21) Does the universal adapter at Club Champion affect the shaft flex or weight? Will the shaft feel different once built?

(32:22-36:31) Why doesn't CC sell clubs online?

(36:32-44:37) Would you rather join LIV Golf for $50 million OR win the career grand slam?

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